Book Signing as a Self-Published Author

Hello again! So, today I'm going to talk about book signings. I mentioned in my last post that book signings were a great way to build your email list. That is true, but that's not the only reason you should do one. First of all, it helps you to start seeing yourself as a "real" author. Take my word for it. The first few times someone asks you to sign a copy of your book, it's a total head trip. You also have to get completely out of your comfort zone. Picture it, you sitting at a table stacked high with your books, business cards, and a large picture of your book cover. Sounds pretty cool, right? Then you look up to see a room full of eager (readers, skeptics, people that just came for the food) and they are all staring straight at you. You literally have to carry the whole thing. Sound scary? It is! But, you have to do it.

This is a picture of my very first book signing. Doesn't it look great? I got my coffee, my books, and my pretty sign. Well, looks can be deceiving. Ha-Ha. It was held at a local antique store during a Christmas event. I was set up in one of the rooms by the precious owner, Cindy, which I love. Since the event had NOTHING to do with my book, people avoided me like the plague. I felt like the Girl Scouts that set up outside of Walmart. I could literally see the dread in people when they were unfortunate enough to lock eyes with me. So much so, that I spent the entire time reading Harry Potter on my phone. I share all that to say this. Yes, this event was partly humiliating but, I made it through, and by the end, actually sold a few books. You can't be scared to fail. If you have an event that doesn't go so well, shake it off and try again. That is what separates successful authors from those poor souls that quit before they really even get started.

This is my second book signing. It was held at a library by my local Women's Club. It was great! People showed up, asked questions, and I even read a portion of my book to them. I also sold several books!

This next picture was held at another library in the next town by their Women's Club and was another success.

I am so grateful to all of the people in my community that have come together to support me. You need your community to get behind you. It is a lot easier to practice in front of friends and family.

This next one was so much fun. It was held at the Children's Book Festival in Martin, TN. Myself, along with several other local authors were lucky enough to be asked to this event. Yes, that is me in the middle with all the fairy tale characters.

I continue to have great success at these events. I have recently attended two more libraries in the last month and expect to do more in the future. I have a new book coming out, The Darker Light.

So, just because you are self published doesn't mean you won't be successful . You just have to work at it. I didn't ask to be invited to any of these events. They were a result of me doing what I have told you all to do in the previous post. Get yourself out there. Start making connections. You can do this, I promise. Good luck and happy reading!

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