Journey to Self Publishing

A few years ago, I had a dream that I just couldn't shake. Every time I closed my eyes, I saw it. I could hear the desperate screams coming from a man racing through the woods, and the blonde haired girl's laughter echoed in my ears. Finally, I could take it no more, so I sat down in the floor of our home-school room and began to type away. It felt amazing to just get it out of my head. Honestly, at first, that is all I was trying to do. Writing a book was not even on my radar. But, as many of you know, that is exactly what happened. Little by little I would write. One day I looked at my husband and said, "I think I may be writing a book." Even after that I still didn't get serious about it for awhile. Finally, I decided if I was going to finish, I would have to get diligent about it. So my husband and I agreed that I would take Mondays as my writing time. He took the kids and I wrote. Before long, the book was finished. That's when it got hard!! I had no idea what to do or how to do it. I started off with Google, because you can find anything online, right? That led me to a local christian writer's conference in Collierville, TN. It was there that I started to learn a little(very little)about the industry. But it was a start. I was introduced to the book, Writers Market.(Link to the left)

which was/is amazing! I suggest if you are new to this whole writing thing, you should check it out.

For the next year I researched online, read blogs, and books on writing until I felt about as lost as when I started, because they ALL said, "YOU NEED A FOLLOWING." How in the heck does one GET A FOLLOWING unless you are already an author. "Get a website," they said. "Start a blog," they said. It all sounded good but I wasn't buying it. I began sending my manuscript out anyway just praying that someone would find it(glowing)among all the others and(cue the choir)decide that they couldn't live without it. As you can guess, since this post is about self publishing, that didn't happen. I actually only sent it out about eight times before the next conference. It was there that I got to have a one-on-one with the speaker, whose name escapes me(oops, sorry). Anyway, I may not remember her name but the wisdom she offered I will never forget. She too said, "GET A FOLLOWING" but what she said next changed my thinking. Of course, I questioned her first statement with some frustration, "HOW!!!!!!!"

"Just get something out there. Just do it. You have to start somewhere." Now, she didn't suggest self publishing, but that was the only option I could think of. I just did it. I will explain in my next post just how I did it. Stay tuned and Happy reading.

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