Writing My First Novel

I have never been more honored than to create not only another world but to fill that world with amazing characters. In my new book, Neither Light nor Dark, you will get to experience a taste of what is going on inside my head on a regular basis. I have grown to love (most) of the characters as if they were my own friends and family. I'd like to take a minute to introduce you to a few of my favorites. First of all, there is Lily Channon. When the books starts she is only thirteen but you can already start to see her spunk and sassy attitude. She is a teenager, after all. As she grows , you will begin to see that she is much stronger than she ever thought possible. It appears the entire world is against her and yet she continues to keep moving forward. I love how she doesn't try to pretend that she has everything figured out. She doesn't know what to do or who to trust in her tangled web of a life. In spite of everything, she loves deeply even when she tries not to. You will be rooting for her after the first page. Next there is Henry Emsworth. Sigh.... He is just about the most beautiful man ever to grace the pages of a book and a gentleman to boot. Dark eyes, (unless they flash their crimson shade) skin as brown as the desert sands, and his perfectly combed hair, leave Lily in a continued state of weakened knees. I have loved him throughout this entire writing adventure even when I wanted to hate him. There is something mysterious about him that will keep you on your toes. Last but not least there is Calev. He is rough around the edges.....unruly hair, unshaven face, the kind of guy that looks like he could build you a house or slay a dragon...Tough. I see his crooked smile every time I close my eyes and you will too. He will make you wonder, along with Lily, why he is so familiar. I love being inside Lily's thoughts when he comes around. ..swoon There are many other wonderful people for you to meet inside the pages of this book. I dare you give it a try!

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