YA Fantasy fiction full of surprises. This is a story about a girl, the man she loves, the boy who stole her heart, and Reficul, the evil ruler that stands to ruin it all. Lily Channon gets caught up in a war only she has the power to stop. The only problem is she doesn’t know why or even how. Her quest for answers leads her on a journey through love, crazy, hard to swallow, painful betrayal, and has deadly consequences. Will she find her place? Will she be willing to give what is required of her? Does love really exist, or is EVERYONE a liar? Find out what happens in this exciting book.

Lily is back in this gripping tale

of love and self discovery. A new evil

awaits her. After years of being away

from Arcadia, Lily is summoned back

to the one place she never wanted to

leave. A new evil plagues her beloved Arcadians, and it's up to her to

save them once again.

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It is commonly known that smoke signals are used to relay messages to someone who is far off. They are a cry for help. Away to be found. Poetry, for me, has been just that. A cry from the depths of my soul exposing everything inside- the good and the bad. Some have heard my cry and allowed my words to become a part of them- others ignore. And still others, many others, have become the words themselves. My hope is that you will find yourself somewhere in these pages and, in doing so, know that you are not alone. 



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